How do I Contact Support When I’m in the App?

You can always reach HomeSpotter while you’re using the app.  Select Contact Support from the menu, and start a new conversation with us.

Contact Evelyn

You can also select the back button in the top left corner to see any notes that have come in from HomeSpotter or ongoing support messages you may have open currently.

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  1. Sarah Ridge

    Hi –
    It seems as though you cannot search by street name alone – is that correct?

    1. Evelyn Christianson

      Hey Sarah,

      To search by a street name, you can use our “All With” search functionality. The search by street name is a bit more difficult in our app, but it’s still there. So what you’ll want to do is type in the street name, so for example “Plum”. Once you type in the street name, scroll all the way down through the auto-fill results until you see an option for “All with Plum”. Tap here and it will show you all listings with that word in it’s address.

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