MLS Integrations

If you’re and agent using HomeSpotter with an MLS that we’ve integrated Paragon into, not only will you have access to agent only information like private agent information on listings and access the full MLS agent roster, you’ll also have access to:

  • Touch ID and Pin Code Access
  • Edit Listing and Upload Photo
  • Paragon Support of Carts, Contacts and Saved Searches

Check it out in action:

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  1. Michelle

    why when I type in an MLS number, the actual listing does not come up?

    1. Evelyn Christianson

      Hey Michelle- when you’re typing in an MLS number, if nothing comes up that probably means there isn’t a match for that number. You should see matching listings start to fill in with our auto-fill feature, and as you keep typing in numbers, listings will continue to updates as they match.

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