What Agent Only Information Can I See on the Listing Detail Page?

As a member of a HomeSpotter MLS partner, you’ll have access to things like private remarks, commission information, listing agent details, showing instructions and more. Information that is for agents eyes only, will be marked with a “Lock” next to the section.

Agent Only Fields


Check out more on the insights you’ll get about properties in the app:

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  1. Greg Stickles

    log on for our MLS does not work?? Can you help?

    1. Evelyn Christianson

      Hey Greg- I will reach out to you via email to make sure you’re able to get signed into the app as an agent. I apologize for the late response.

      Thanks! – Evelyn

  2. Leslie Blaine

    I’ve downloaded the app on my iphone but when I put my login information in, it keeps telling me that information is not correct when it is correct.

    1. Evelyn Christianson

      Hello Leslie- We were having some issues with the app yesterday when you tried setting up your account. If you wanna give it a try again now, we have solved the problem and you can use your MLS credentials to sign in at this time.

    1. Evelyn Christianson

      Hello Fidel- you’ll want to use your MLS credentials to sign into the app. If you need to change your MLS agent password, please reach out to them directly.

      Thanks! -Evelyn

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