What do my Clients See?

When you invite clients to join you on HomeSpotter and they download your branded version of the app, not only will they have access to IDX properties direct from the MLS but they’ll also have access to you.

Your client’s menu will show your picture, name and brokerage.

My Agent Menu

Tapping your picture will show them your contact information.

My Agent Profile

From every listing detail page in the app your clients will have you listed as “Their Agent” and can tap to chat with you anytime!

My Agent LDP

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  1. Pam Benziger

    Is there any way to add a photo to our agent profiles? This states that clients will see the agent’s photo, name and brokerage, but I’m not seeing any agent photos. When will this feature be available?

    1. Evelyn Christianson

      Hey Pam- Today, the only way to get your photo added is to send an image to appsupport@homespotter.com along with the email address you use to sign into your HomeSpotter account. It will be added in the app within 24 hours of receiving the image. We hope to add the functionality for agents to do this on their own in the future, and apologize for the extra step today.

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